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Yorkshire Oddities

Yorkshire Oddities

Yorkshire Oddities

Ref: ARB-1208

Supplied by Archive CD Books.

A large book containing odd and out-of-the-way information concerning Yorkshire folk.

Each of the 22 chapters is devoted to a different story and set of characters.

Includes tales about, Blind Jack of Knaresborough, The tragedy of Beningbrough Hall, “Old Three Laps”, “Old Boots”, Foster Powell the Pedestrian and much more.

A humorous read for those with Yorkshire interests and a real flavour of the counties characters.

“He could rub the tip of his nose with his chin and used to say that if he let his beard grow, it would bury his nose. He created great diversion among the servant-maids by attempting to kiss them, a feat he could never accomplish. He turned his face sideways to get a kiss and his nose and chin caught the rosy cheeks like a pair of crab’s claws.”

Please note that this is a book scanned onto a CD, not the actual book.