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Zennor Lithograph

Zennor Lithograph

Zennor Lithograph

Ref: CEL-15

Supplied by Cornwall Editions Ltd.

These lithographs are original works of art. The artist has contemplated the view before him, the play of light on stone and slate, the setting amidst the trees, fields and sea that surround and embrace each old building, and created a sympathetic and evocative picture of the scene.

He responds also to the sense of history and spirituality of these peaceful and ancient places of worship. The images are clear, soft and pleasing to the eye. The gentle colours are sensitively printed on a fine Somerset paper with a rich, lightly textured surface.

The prints will grace the walls of any home and are appropriate for a living room, a reception room or a bedroom. As a suite displayed together they form a highly decorative group of contrasting scenes on a timeless theme.

Collectors of all four lithographs will receive them delivered in a beautiful, cloth-bound portfolio, giving an added luxury and elegance of presentation to the complete set The pictures also make perfect gifts, easy and light to pack and to post.